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The First Licensed Beauty School in Kuwait - Salmiya Block 9
Opening at 8:30 AM tomorrow
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تعاود جميع حصص التدريب على العناية بالشعر بمختلف أقسامها نشاطها بدءاً من صباح الغد؛ لذا يرجى من الطالبات اللواتي سجلن في مختلف إختصاصات الشعر الحضور إلى الأكاديمية و متابعة الحصص المتبقية لديهن
Summer Vacation is over, and Hair Classes resume its curriculum activities as usual. All Students must ...

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تعلمي أسس و قواعد التلوين و علوم صبغ الشعر ثم تطبيق ذلك؛ و سحب وتصحيح اللون و الهايلات و الأومبريه و الصبغ بألوان متعددة و الكثير من تطبيقات الألوان . لقد بدأنا التسجيل لدورة تلوين الشعر "جي سي1" الجديدة مع الماستر كولوريست المدرب وجدي
للمزيد من المعلومات يسعدنا الرد على إستفساراتكم في الخاص أو ع...

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Give them the fun they expect this summer .. Tailored especially for your daughters between 13 and 19 years old; this Fun class is to teach them how to care for their skin and Acne if any, avoid harmful practices, do their personal makeup and do their Hair Styles
إمنحيهم المتعة التي يتوقعونها هذ...

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Hair Styling Classes Level 1 & 2 resumes everyday from 09:00 AM till 10:30 AM and the second session from 10:30 AM till 12:00 Noon.
Choose the best timing for your Salon staff and get them enrolled with the special Salon Rate during the summer season.
Class is ten sessions each session is 90 minu...

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موسم جديد مع البرنامج المطور في إدارة و تسويق مركز التجميل. ستتعرفين خلال عشرين ساعة على أفضل الوسائل الحديثة لإدارة مركز التجميل سواء كان صالوناً أو عيادة تجميل. من خلال هذا البرنامج ستتعرفين إلى أسس و قواعد تعيين الموظفات و إدارتهن و تحفيزهن بالإضافة إلى الأساليب المتطورة في إدارة تسويق المركز ...

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This week's tips brought to you by our Professional Makeup Educator @evabouayyash to enhance your makeup look and maintain a full day stay of your makeup
- Do wear under-eye concealer. Concealer helps with under-eye circles and patches
- Don't go too much lighter than your foundation, you don’t w...

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Doctor of Physical Therapy & Nutrition Alaa Eltoukhy did her final test in Skin Care & Therapy with distinction. Congrats for Alaa; we are proud of your accomplishment.
#training #education #hair #knowledge #beauty #skin #nails #hairdresser #hairstylist #beautician #aljothenacademy #practice #K...

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تستمر الرسوم المخفضة في دبلوم العناية بالبشرة لفترة محدودة ؛ و يشمل التدريب على أحدث الأجهزة المخصصة للعناية بالبشرة ، و تقنيات عديدة تتطلبها مهنة أخصائية البشرة. دبلوم العناية بالبشرة خطوتك الأولى لأن تكوني أخصائية معتمدة
#training #education #hair #knowledge #beauty #skin #nails #hairdresser ...

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موسم جديد في يوليو مع البرنامج المطور في إدارة و تسويق مركز التجميل. ستتعرفين خلال عشرين ساعة على أفضل الوسائل الحديثة لإدارة مركز التجميل سواء كان صالوناً أو عيادة تجميل. من خلال هذا البرنامج ستتعرفين إلى أسس و قواعد تعيين الموظفات و إدارتهن و تحفيزهن بالإضافة إلى الأساليب المتطورة في إدارة تسوي...

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Hair Education

  • Hair Care Diploma

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    The most important element of Beauty is the Hair, it is the first attraction in a woman’s look. You might be a well experienced Hairdresser, who would like to succeed by adding Art and knowledge to her skills. Here is your place... 80 sessions Course Content: Basis of Hair Science, Hair anatomy, Rules and implementation of hairdressing, Rules and implementation of hair cutting, Rules and implementation of hair coloring, Hair Care & Treatment & Rules and implementation of Hair Extensions
  • Hair Coloring

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    Whatever your knowledge is in Hairdressing; your client won't forgive a mistake with her hair color. Within 44 hours of intensive training you will Learn all the basics and sciences of Color and Hair, Hair Anatomy, color reflection, working with bleach, powder, oxidants, color correction and much more. Learn the basics for Highlights, Ombre' and Sombre' techniques .. Get ready for the JC2 Certificate to become a Master Colorist.
  • Hair Extensions

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    Different Types of extensions require different attention ... in 5 sessions you will get the basic education on how to fix, remove and maintain Keratin, Strip and ring Hair extensions, how to sew them and how you can benefit from having this skill on your Menu for better income. Do not miss this class
  • Hair Cutting

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    In this 15 sessions course you will learn the different basics of hair cutting. You will be trained on the Square, round, 45° & 90° cuts, Channel cutting, Bob cut and boy cut and much more . This is the most amusing class in Hair Education.
  • hair Styling

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    The bread and butter of a hairdresser in 10 Sessions ... You will learn all the Basics of Hair Styling along with some different styles. You will create some fashionable styles and earn marks when succeeding to prove you are up to it.
  • Hair Treatment

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    Different types of hair requires different types of treatment. The secret recipe is in how to diagnose the problem and how to solve it. Your client should always trust what you do ... and sure she won't if you are just guessing.
  • Hair Tools

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    Learn how to handle the tools of Hair care including, hairdryers, curling and waving irons, hair clips and much more in this short 10 sessions course.


  • Skin Care Diploma

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    A Skin Therapist is one of the most demanded jobs in Beauty business. To become a Skin Therapist; you need to know the basic sciences and practices which open the doors wide for you to become a beautician. We maintain a high standard for our graduates to preserve a good reputation in Beauty Market. Sixty Sessions Course Content; Skin Anatomy, Biology and Cells multiplication, Skin role, Skin anatomy, Face, neck and upper chest Massages, Eyes Zone care, Treatment of Skin patches, Chemical peeling, Different types of peeling, Caring for different Skin disorders, Caring for freckled skin, Caring for Skin with vitiligo and psoriasis, Caring for sensitive Skin, Different Masks, Using of All Skin Cleansing & Treatment machines, Skin Diagnosis card.
  • Facial Cleansing Class

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    This ten-sessions class will teach you how to make your client happy and beautiful. From the moment she walks in till she happily leaves ... You will learn the basics of facial cleansing, massaging, masks and working on Facial Cleansing machines. Don't Miss this one, Clinics all around are in desire for those professionals.
  • Skin Cleansing & Treatment Machines

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    No matter what is the case you will encounter at a Beauty Clinic, there are machines which help you sort it out. From Derma Roll to Hypho, Oxygination, deep cleansing, Cold and Heat, roller massagers and many other machines which you will use at a Beauty Clinic. We teach them all except for Laser, we are not authorized to practice.. However you will get the general knowledge on Laser machines as well. This 40 sessions class is all what you need to be a Beauty Technician.
  • Slimming & Firming Class

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    Learn how to become a professional therapist in Slimming and Firming. This advanced class is for Skin Care Therapists who work or want to work at Beauty Clinics. It includes Slimming Massages with product know-how using Vibration Slimming Machines, Roll techniques to melt cellulite, Multi-polar technique and Thermal techniques. Learn how to use the RF, Low Laser and Vacuum to maintain a firm slim body and face contour for your client.


  • Professional Makeup Diploma

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    Women are judged from the first look. A makeup Artist profession has become one of the international arts that is expanded to cover Social Media. Most of the famous beauty bloggers on Kuwait Social Media pages have been graduated at Al Jothen Academy. Would you be one of those? This Sixty Sessions Course Content starts with Preparing the Skin for Makeup, Eyes shapes, Eye lashes, Mouth shapes, Concealing Colors, use of Color matching, Day-Makeup, Night-Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Fashion Makeup, Brunette Makeup and much more.
  • Personal Makeup Class

    د.ك.‏ 0.000
    This class of 10 sessions will teach you how to become your own makeup artist. You will learn what suits your skin color, Face shape, and how to conceal facial deficiencies. This class will also provide you the techniques for applying your own night, day and events makeup. Be there to get this education


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About us

Established back in 2002, Al Jothen Academy was the first accredited beauty school in the Arabian Gulf region and specifically in Kuwait approved by the Ministry of Education - Applied Learning Authorities to grant official Diploma Certificates related to the Arts and Sciences of Beauty, (Mainly Hair, Skin and Makeup). Since that date; the Academy witnessed a lot of development in education programs and techniques to accompany the growth of the beauty industry and match the diversification and need of advanced knowledge.

Mission: Al Jothen Academy limited aims to convey beauty education in a friendly yet scientific context in order to ensure the delivery and implementation of the industry best practices to all students. We are committed to inspiring our students to show dedication and enthusiasm, and offer first class training by industry professionals, together with the latest teaching techniques which aid our students to achieve their skills and qualifications and progress into employment opportunities. 

Vision: We want to maintain the standards which we have reached to, and to remain the leading beauty education destination in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf region. We also want to keep inspiring and developing our students to realize their full potential and take ownership of their futures.   

Refund Policy: Rule # WTS 2/56 dated 20/10/1999 by Applied Learning Authority on Refund Policy
- Eight days or more before the Course starts: 95%
- Within One week before the Course starts: 85%
- Within the first week of the Course beginning: 50%
- After the first week of the Course beginning: Zero Amount

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التسمية الرسمية لأكاديمية الجوثن: معهد أكاديمية الجوثن للشعر و التجميل للتدريب الأهلي

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