Skin Care Diploma; your first step towards becoming a Skin Therapist
دبلوم العناية بالبشرة؛ خطوتك الأولى لأن تكوني أخصائية بشرة محترفة
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Early Bird Registration in Professional Makeup Diploma for Mid-January 2020 Class .. DM or Message us to get your Discount Voucher. Booking should be done not further than December 15th.
الحجز المسبق لدورة منتصف يناير القادم في دبلوم المكياج الإحترافي سيخولك الحصول على بطاقة الخصم الخاص لو تواصلت...

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التسجيل مفتوح لحصص قص الشعر؛ طوري مهاراتك اليوم من خلال تعلم أسس و قواعد و تطبيقات قص الشعر في خمسة عشر حصة لتحصلي على شهادة إتمام الدورة
Registration continues for Hair Cutting Classes. Promote your skills by learning the rules and basics of Hair Cutting in different applications. You will recei...

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Don't Miss this Class. Hair Care Diploma starts on November 4th for four months period (80 sessions x 90min). You will attend one session each day excluding weekends. The Diploma includes Hair Science and basics, How to use the different Salon Hair Tools, Cutting, Coloring, Styling, Treatment and...

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دبلوم العناية بالبشرة ؛ خطوتك الأولى لأن تكوني أخصائية بشرة معتمدة. مدة الدراسة ثلاثة أشهر لإستكمال ستين حصة دراسية و عملية. الحضور يومياً حصة واحدة ما عدا الويك إند. تشمل الدراسة علوم البشرة و تطبيقات العناية العملية بالإضافة إلى مختلف أنواع المساجات للوجه و الرقبة و أعلى الصدر و أنواع التقشير و...

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Our Professional Makeup Diploma Class is now accepting new Students for the Official Professional Makeup Diploma Certificate. DM for more details
بدأ التسجيل في دبلوم المكياج الإحترافي للحصول على الشهادة الرسمية ... تواصلي معنا في الخاص للمزيد من المعلومات

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Cutting hair is a responsibility towards your clients. Talent, Art & Education are the essential basics to achieve it

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About us

Established back in 2002, Al Jothen Academy was the first accredited beauty school in the Arabian Gulf region and specifically in Kuwait approved by the Ministry of Education - Applied Learning Authorities to grant official Diploma Certificates related to the Arts and Sciences of Beauty, (Mainly Hair, Skin and Makeup). Since that date; the Academy witnessed a lot of development in education programs and techniques to accompany the growth of the beauty industry and match the diversification and need of advanced knowledge.

Mission: Al Jothen Academy limited aims to convey beauty education in a friendly yet scientific context in order to ensure the delivery and implementation of the industry best practices to all students. We are committed to inspiring our students to show dedication and enthusiasm, and offer first class training by industry professionals, together with the latest teaching techniques which aid our students to achieve their skills and qualifications and progress into employment opportunities. 

Vision: We want to maintain the standards which we have reached to, and to remain the leading beauty education destination in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf region. We also want to keep inspiring and developing our students to realize their full potential and take ownership of their futures.   

Refund Policy: Rule # WTS 2/56 dated 20/10/1999 by Applied Learning Authority on Refund Policy
- Eight days or more before the Course starts: 95%
- Within One week before the Course starts: 85%
- Within the first week of the Course beginning: 50%
- After the first week of the Course beginning: Zero Amount

Useful Links:

You may get more information about our Academy in direct chat with our Registration office at this link: http://bit.ly/51690026 
التسمية الرسمية لأكاديمية الجوثن: معهد أكاديمية الجوثن للشعر و التجميل للتدريب الأهلي

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